The Me in Team




After years of participating in the entrepreneur lifestyle, and deeply embroiled in its successes and failures, it has become apparent that there is NO I IN Team, but there is a ME! For many would be business owners their passion and vision can set the course for what seems to be an exercise in futility at times, and it can also be the beginnings of greatness. The key component to success and growth will be their ability to ascertain the best choices conducive to their individual business needs. The new entrepreneur, in general, is consumed by the allure of riches and success for themselves, and without hesitation will embark on that journey not knowing what the outcome will be. These new Kings of commerce are now 100% accountable for every aspect of their venture, and usually enjoy the newness and excitement of it all. I would categorize the initial stages as the I stages- I did this, I did that, I am the greatest. For an aspiring Entrepreneur who wants to develop a team to help build their empire, the I approach will NEVER work over the long haul.

It is imperative that when the next chapter of business growth begins the “I” owner needs to be the ME owner, or their growth efforts will be left at the preverbal bus station waiting to be picked up. Being a leader can be a hard transition for some, but the rewards are boundless if implemented properly. There are many stories of business owners who fail daily because of their own inadequacies. As these “I” owners fail they will always blame others for their shortcomings, but they are 100% responsible for their downfall.

The ME IN TEAM business owner is constantly looking for ways to better their business and become stronger leaders and team members. Characteristics of a ME IN TEAM business owner are, but not limited to: They are caring, compassionate, visionary, accountable, approachable, fair, Lead by example and are admired by others. These aforementioned qualities are important to your business development and growth. The ME IN TEAM leader will create ME IN TEAM employees that will edify and support their business model, and in turn be part of a journey of a lifetime.

Be the ME IN TEAM owner and lead your business to heights that would not be possible. Avoid the “I” owner mentality and embrace the ME IN TEAM concept. You need to be the ME to lead your team into a bright future.


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