We walk down the halls of our lives daily, and routinely come in contact with hundreds of people. Some we know, but most we don’t. Some are potential clients/customers, and many are not. Some of those people we have personal relationships with, and some we don’t. The fact remains is that everyone of us is different and unique with their life challenges and experiences. Everyone has experienced struggles, challenges, defeats, losses and tragedies in their lives. In fact, you would be amazed if you took more time to get to know some of these individuals and learn some of their courageous and amazing stories. But in the end, our lives are all defined the same way, which is “JOHN DOE 1951-2018”. There is one unique feature to this epitaph, and that is the space between the year you were born and the year that we die, otherwise known as your DASH. That DASH is unique to every one of us like a fingerprint or a footprint. It is that dash that defines us and made us who we are, and yet most people will be unaware of our DASH because we fail to develop those inter personal relationships with most people that we meet. Next time someone sits next to you, that you know little about, begin a conversation with them about themselves. Be truly engaged, attentive and sincere with your discussion and you will be amazed what a total stranger will divulge to you about his/her life. It is truly fascinating that when you genuinely speak to someone about their DASH you will be the one that can brighten their day and revel in their experiences with them and possibly create a lifelong friend.


In the business world we all want to know the secrets to success from the highly skilled sales people and successful entrepreneurs. You can write thousands of articles and books about success, but most will not heed the brilliant advice from others. Blindly through the world many will go to only achieve mediocrity and failure because they failed to heed the advice of those more skilled than themselves. I believe there is a secret and it can take decades to sink in, but here it is:

Take time in your life daily to learn about the DASH in other people’s lives. Your sincere inquiries will yield tremendous results and knowledge that would have taken you 10 lifetimes to acquire.

Be a great Me In Team employee and focus on your client’s. Find out what your client’s DASH is and create trust, referrals, confidence and a lifelong friendship that you will always value. You will be surprised, shocked, amazed and even shed some tears, but the value and relationships you create will be priceless. These Me In Team employees are priceless and should be rewarded handsomely for their skills and abilities.

As a leader in your business learn what the DASH is with your other team members and help them overcome specific obstacles and challenges with their lives. Even though you may not be able to save the world, you can help effect change in the world of others. Help a hundred team members accomplish their goals and you will be rewarded handsomely for taking the time to learn their DASH and reach the finish line.

Make your DASH count and be the Me In Team employee or leader that you aspire to be.


YOUR NAME 19?? DASH, 20??