Marybeth Hyland started her company Spark Vision to help offices and businesses create and maintain collaborative and inclusive office cultures. Specializing in millennial engagement, Hyland and Spark Vision offer one-time workshops to help offices foster collaboration and connections among workers. Their Business success is a sum total of their past life experiences.

As a victim of child abuse, Hyland has faced a lot of challenges to her self-worth and confidence. She uses her survival daily to motivate her to succeed in business, drawing on the experience of her past to connect with the people she works with. According to her website, Hyland says she thinks that her experience makes her more successful in her company.

The Me In Team Insight:

Everyone has a past—and not all are good. But whatever you’ve gone through, using your background and experience to help develop your business can be great, even if your experiences aren’t. In Hyland’s case, she uses a troubled childhood to motivate and drive her, and her business benefits from it. Your personal life situations can play a key role in your business growth and development. Be a Me In Team business owner and utilize your past experiences to enhance your business development.