In this robust economy there are more jobs available than there are individuals to fill them. It has become more important than ever to retain your most valuable employees. In today’s working environment with high turnover rates many employees are looking for a better opportunity. The number one reason employees change jobs may not be what you think. Are you ready? Ok- Here it is:

“75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs, did so because of their bosses and not the position itself”

This statistic should hit a nerve of every business owner, and sound their inner alarms to be better bosses and leaders. The true value of our key employees is priceless, and yet many business owners devalue or minimize these individuals as pawns in a game of chess. Understand that these individuals are real people, with real feelings who want to be part of something special, and will be loyal to their Me In Team leader who sets the stage for their performance.

In the past, many employees have suffered verbal abuse and dis-respect from their bosses, but those days are over. The new era Entrepreneur needs to be sensitive to the needs of his team and accord them the same respect and value that they deserve. The days of the belligerent boss are over, and we now welcome the era of effective leaders. Even the millennials despise an ineffective boss, but they will follow an effective leader as long as they can.

Notice to all business owners and team leaders: 75% of the time when an employee leaves their job it is because of YOUR failure to be a good leader. Stop blaming others for your inabilities to manage people, and strive to be the leader that others will aspire to be. Be a Me In Team leader and you will be a shining example of success for your team, and lead them to their successes.

As a good boss it is your job to help your team members achieve their career goals, and in turn you will realize that your opportunities are limitless with the support of a great team.

“It is better to receive 1% of a hundred people’s efforts than 100% of your own.”

Make the decision now to be the best Me In Team owner you can be, and bountiful success will follow.