A lot of the time your business doesn’t grow because of you. There are lost of issues for slow growth, but they must be reflected on in a logical and honest manner to determine why your business has not grown. Many of the reasons for slow growth are: Lack of vision, under capitalized, lack of marketing, not enough time in the day, growing family, school pressures, family conflicts, no clearly defined goals or objectives.

Once you determine the areas that have been contributory to your slow growth it’s time to work on a comprehensive plan that can change everything for you. The road is never easy, but the rewards are great. Spend time with a mentor or business professional to come up with a viable plan that will take you to where you want to be.

Write down your goals, make a plan, implement the plan and follow it through. You may waiver from time to time, which is natural, but with a roadmap you can find your way home!