It’s a rarely mentioned problem of entrepreneurship, and many new business owners aren’t prepared for it until it happens. Being an entrepreneur is lonely. It’s a singular position, so you won’t have teammates to rely on (completely). You’ll be working lots of hours, so you won’t see your family as often. And your employees will be forced to remain at a bit of a distance. The question remains “What are you willing to sacrifice to make your business successful?” The sacrifices you are willing to make will be a focal point of your success. Think long and hard, before making such a big commitment to your business, about the consequences of your actions and all the areas of your life that will be affected. You will have others who will be envious and jealous of your ambition, and that will attempt to shatter your dreams. You may feel alone, but remember, you are never alone. There have been millions of individuals in your situation. What is the difference between your success and failure? The failures will quit, while the more successful entrepreneurs will seek mentorship and guidance from others who have been in their shoes. Be the best ME in your team and you will never be alone.