The best entrepreneurs are salesmen at heart, and have honed their craft over many years to accomplish the greatness they have achieved.
The secret of selling is that “there is no secret.” There are thousands of books that have been written about sales, by men/women who could sell. The fact is that everyone is selling something. Whether it be their past history for a job or convincing a potential customer to buy a large ticket item- everyone is selling something. The best sales people when you meet them have similar qualities, such as: Willing to hear no, very personable, friendly, knowledgeable in their field, motivated, great at creating and identifying need, quick thinkers, customer service oriented, caring, prepared for objections and overcoming them and a uniqueness that is hard to duplicate.

Any salesperson without all the above characteristics will be lessor than and not as effective. Things like selfishness, ego, lack of humility, laziness and ignorance will be a potentially good salesman’s downfall. I have known many sales people over the years and the failures far out pace the successes. The Me In team Salesman is whom other entrepreneurs will search and fight for because they are the unicorns of a profitable business. Be a Me In Team Salesman and create the life you deserve.