As the founder of your startup, you’ll be expected to come up with the ideas. When a competitor emerges, it will be your responsibility to come up with a response plan. When your team hits an impenetrable obstacle, your job will be to come up with an alternative plan to move forward.

This demands on-the-spot creative thinking — which should be an oxymoron, but entrepreneurs rarely have the luxury of time. The less experience you have, the more pressure you’ll feel from this, and the harder time you’ll have coming up with acceptable plans. If the pressure becomes too great, look for outside resources or mentor relationships to help guide you to a successful conclusion.

 “If it is to be, it’s up to me” is the consummate Entrepreneurs motto when they first begin. It’s all about your goals, objectives, purpose and dreams. It is now your time to shine and shoot for the stars. There is nothing to stop you, but you! Remember a successful path to success will have its stumbling blocks, but stay true to your vision, and with perseverance you will be successful. Always be the visionary and others will follow you to the moon.