This is especially hard if you’ve never run or managed a team before, but even if you have management experience, picking the right team for a startup is stressful and difficult. It’s not enough to find candidates who fill certain roles — you also need to consider their cost to the business, their culture fit and how they’ll work as part of your overall team. Such considerations are exceptionally hard when you’re under the pressure of filling those positions as soon as possible.

A key ingredient to hiring employees is understanding specifically what the new employees primary purpose will be, and to analyze their future growth potential within your organization. There are several ways to get the information you need about your new employee like, survey’s, assessments, diligent resume review, personal history interview and learn what the employees long term objectives are. The information gleaned from this vetting process will help you narrow down your search and eventually you will find your ideal candidate.

Entrepreneurs beware: with team building and new employees you may be in a position that you have never been in before. You need to become the effective leader, communicator, visionary and manager that is needed to develop a strong and successful entity. Any deviation from effective management philosophies will create minimal growth, high employee turnover, lower sales and eventually insolvency. You are the Me In Team and need to be an effective leader to achieve a high sales level. Ego, ignorance, arrogance, lack of effort, selfishness and a lack of discipline will be the lynchpins that prevent you from the true success you desire. Find the star employees and team member sthat will be a ME on your team and enjoy the journey with you on this business venture. A great builder of teams is a leader that others will yearn to follow.