First of all I would I would need to define the reason I wanted to own this plumbing company. Is it for income, adding to existing businesses, ego or as simple as “I just want to own a great plumbing company”. In addition what is the reason these companies are the best? Is it the sales volume or the service aspect? Both are integral parts of a successful business.

The next choice would be- do I want to buy a very successful plumbing company at a high price or do I want to educate myself on why the top plumbing companies are so great and duplicate that process with a newer less established company. Knowing that this newer company can be the best if it can duplicate the successful processes of the best plumbing companies around. Entrepreneurs’ love the challenge of creating strong businesses, and are often times very cost conscious in their approach. Although there are multiple strategies that can be pursued. I would choose the conversion of the newer plumbing company into a marketing juggernaut that will propel it to the best plumbing company in the area.

The first step would be to review and analyze all business aspects of the current best companies. The items researched would be, including, but not limited to: Company size, Sales volume, Profit margins, known internal processes, marketing concepts, branding concepts, real-estate and vehicle holdings, outside business partner relationships and future business growth forecasts(if any).
Once the research is completed all the data would be reviewed to determine the new companies future sales and profitability expectations. Based on these expectations implement a cohesive systematic plan that will accomplish the sales objective and position the new company as one of the best plumbing businesses in the area.

These growth plans will not work unless you have effective Me In Team leadership and employees that exhibit all the qualities of a Me In Team employee who is dedicated to phenomenal growth coupled with a superior client experience.